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Commission-free Food Delivery Alternative

Like SKIPtheDishes™, Uber Eats™ & Doordash™ we make it easy for your customers to order online, while also taking care of your restaurant's delivery needs. Unlike the big apps, we don't charge ANY commissions or hidden fees. 

The Ethical Alternative


Chow Local™ is a new delivery platform that offers a commission-free alternative to SKIPtheDishes™ and UberEats™.

These big delivery apps charge restaurants as much as 30% every time their own customers order food. Some restaurants pay thousands of dollars in commissions every month.
Chow Local™ does not charge restaurants ANY commissions. Instead, we charge restaurant owners a low monthly fee no matter how many orders they get.
When you order food through our app you are helping to divert thousands of dollars away from large corporate head offices, into the hands of local restaurant owners.

Skip The Commissions

We believe, big delivery apps should send you more customers! It should not be the other way around.

Whether it's the big sticker on your restaurant's front door or a casual social media post that mentions #SKIP or #UberEats, you're essentially sending your loyal customers to the big delivery apps, only to pay them a commission, for "sending you a customer".
Chow Local allows you to offer your customers an alternative online ordering experience that is just as convenient as the big apps. Customers get access to a bunch of great restaurants all in one app, while always being signed in with their credit card securely stored for a quick and easy "one-tap" checkout experience.
We allow you to focus on running your restaurant while we handle the human resources and logistical challenges involved in offering your customers a reliable, on-demand delivery service.
No matter how many orders you get through Chow Local™ you will never pay any commissions.
Our platform has a transparent, ethical revenue model. We charge a one-time account activation fee, plus a low monthly platform subscription fee, that doesn't fluctuate.
Once your restaurant is on Chow Local you're connected to local, self-employed delivery drivers that take full responsibility for every delivery they accept. "Chowsters" charge $6 per delivery and get to keep 100% of their earnings, incl. any tips. We don't take a cut!
Chowsters will even take care of the delivery orders you get directly over the phone or through your restaurant's own website/app.If your in-house drivers call in "sick" or get swamped during peak times, you can always request a Chowster to help out.

Launching Soon In Calgary

In late 2021 Chow Local launched in Regina, SK, and has since expanded to prairie communities such as Grande Prairie, Yorkton, and Peace River. In each community, we have a large fleet of professional delivery drivers.
The next community we plan to start operating in is Calgary. If you own or run a restaurant and you are tired of paying the big delivery apps high commissions, or you are just looking for a reliable, on-demand restaurant delivery service, click on the button below to sign up.


In The News

Chow Local serving up ethical food delivery app

"While apps such as Skip the Dishes or DoorDash have attracted criticism for taking a 20 to 30 per cent commission from restaurants, Chow Local takes no commission. Instead, it currently charges a startup fee of $350 and then a flat monthly fee of $95" - Leader-Post


  • What is Chow Local?

    Chow Local is a restaurant delivery service, designed to be a commission-free alternative to SKIPtheDishes™, UberEats™, and other popular delivery apps that charge high commissions.

    We're more than a food delivery app. We're a logistics company.
    No matter how a restaurant gets orders, once they are on our platform they can request a Chow Local driver whenever needed. In fact, some restaurants on our platform don’t appear on our app at all, but we still handle all their delivery needs.

  • How much do you charge?

    Click on the "signup" button at the top of this page, then enter your restaurant's address to get an instant quote. Whatever our monthly fee is at the time when you sign up, will be what your restaurant will pay going forward. In other words, restaurants get "grandfathered in".

  • How much will my restaurant save?

    It really depends on how many orders you get through Chow Local vs. other delivery platforms that charge high commissions. If you currently get many orders through platforms like SKIPtheDishes, ask yourself if you can do anything to get customers to order through Chow Local instead.
    It also depends on the commission rate the other delivery apps charge your restaurant.
    This calculator will allow you to calculate how much your restaurant could save.
    This quick video shows how much a restaurant can expect to save in a month where they received (in this case) 128 orders through our platform, compared to a platform that charges 30% commission.
    The more customers/orders you manage to divert away from high commission delivery apps, towards Chow Local, the more your restaurant will ultimately save each month. The monthly subscription fee we charge your restaurant stays the same, regardless of how many orders you get through our platform.
    Once your restaurant is on our platform we will provide you with strategies and resources to help you divert your customers away from the big delivery apps.

  • How many orders will I get?

    Good question. Chow Local™ isn't a marketing company that gets rewarded with a commission. The onus is on each restaurant on our platform to invite their customers to use Chow Local, instead of the other big apps that charge high commissions.
    Some restaurants on our platform get hundreds of orders every month, while others get just a handful every week. The number of orders you can expect really depends on a few factors:● How popular is your restaurant?● Is your restaurant exclusively on Chow Local, or on all the big delivery apps as well?● If you are exclusively on Chow Local, is there any other "locations" that someone can order the same food from on the big apps? For example, if you run a Burger King™, are there other Burger Kings that are still available on SKIP?● If your restaurant is on any of the big delivery apps (which is fine) do you promote these apps in any way that would drive your customers to order from the big apps instead of Chow Local?● Are your prices competitive on Chow Local or can your customer get a better deal if they call you directly or through your website?● Do you actively invite customers to order direct (over the phone or ordering through your own website) instead of Chow Local?● Do you promote Chow Local at all? If so, how much?
    If every restaurant in Calgary helps promote Chow Local, our local userbase will continue to grow, until it eventually reaches critical mass. Once we reach critical mass restaurants should get as many orders as any big app with critical mass, without having to pay commissions.
    This idea of restaurants all pitching in to promote Chow Local is critical for success.

  • Do you do delivery?

    Yes. In each city where we operate we have a fleet of reliable delivery drivers (Chowsters). You are welcome to request a Chowster on an order-by-order basis if needed.
    In Calgary, our drivers charge $5.99 per delivery. The driver also gets any tip left by the customer. 100% of the delivery fee and the tip is paid to the driver. We don't take a cut!

  • Can I do my own delivery?

    Yes. You are welcome to use your own "in-house" delivery drivers. If you ever need an extra hand, you can always request Chow Local driver as needed, on an order-by-order basis.

  • How do you vet your drivers?

    Finding good, reliable drivers is not easy. We start by recruiting people who are experienced. We also get referrals from trusted existing drivers. Each driver undergoes an interview during which they are vetted. Once accepted our drivers are ranked based on points accumulated over the past 30 days. The logistics algorithm we developed essentially gives good drivers more opportunities to earn money. As such it also incentivizes lower-ranked drivers to perform well, whenever a request trickles down the rankings. We offer drivers bonus points for tackling less desirable delivery requests. For example, if a request requires a driver to travel more than 10km from your restaurant, they earn bonus points.
    Besides our logistics system that rewards good performance, we get more out of our drivers by paying them 100% of the delivery fee and tip. We make it clear to our drivers that we can not afford to pay for their mistakes. Since they get 100% of their earnings, they have to accept 100% of the risk. Thus, our drivers perform better knowing that they are responsible for covering the cost of the deliveries they accept if anything goes wrong. Unlike the big delivery apps, we can't simply issue the customer a refund if something goes wrong with the delivery.
    Finally, we have a zero-tolerance policy with regard to drivers failing to adhere to our rules and regulations. If a driver gets reported by a restaurant or customer, we immediately suspend their account pending further investigation. If warranted, we will issue a 2-week suspension if the driver for a first offense, which can have a massive effect on their rankings and future earning potential.

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    No, sorry we don't offer a free trial. Compared to what restaurants typically pay big delivery apps (in commissions) our fees are so low that it is worth it for a restaurant to take the leap and sign up. Cancel anytime if you are unhappy with our platform or deliver service.

  • Do you give restaurants a free tablet?

    No, sorry. You are responsible for purchasing or providing your own Android/iOS mobile device.

    Restaurants require a tablet or mobile device to run our "Manager App" which is used to process orders and request delivery. You can use any Android or iOS tablet/device. If you run multiple “Ghost Kitchens” from the same kitchen, you only need one tablet.

    Our manager app allows restaurants to print orders on a Bluetooth thermal printer.
    This video shows the printer we recommend, and how to connect it.

  • How do I sign up?

    To sign up go to Start by filling out your restaurant's address.

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Get access to a professional delivery fleet, without dealing with the logistics.

Our system allows you to request a Chow Local driver no matter how you get your orders. Whether you receive orders through our app, directly over the phone, or through your own website or app, we've got you covered.

Chow Local Vs. Big Delivery Apps

The video below shows the actual sales a restaurant got on Chow Local in February 2022.

10 Easy Ways To Get More Orders Through Chow Local than any big delivery app.

The video below shows 10 ways practical and easy ways restaurant owners on Chow Local can divert their loyal customers from ordering through high-commission delivery apps in order to get the most out of Chow Local or their own website.

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