Commission-free Food Delivery Alternative

Big delivery apps charge some restaurants as much as 30% in commissions, causing many restaurateurs to operate at a loss. Chow Local™ is a commission-free alternative. 

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Get access to a professional delivery fleet, without dealing with the logistics.

We have a fleet of reliable, responsible local delivery drivers to take care of any restaurant's delivery needs. Whether you get a few orders over the phone, or hundreds of orders through your own website or app, Chowsters (our drivers) have you covered.

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  • What is Chow Local?

    Chow Local is a restaurant delivery service, designed to be a commission-free alternative to SKIPtheDishes™, UberEats™, and other popular delivery apps that charge high commissions.
    We're more than a food delivery app. We're a logistics company.No matter how a restaurant gets orders, once they are on our platform they can request a Chow Local driver whenever needed. In fact, some restaurants on our platform don’t appear on our app at all, but we still handle all their delivery needs.

  • How do your fees work?

    Unlike other food delivery apps, we don't charge restaurants any commissions. Instead, we charge a one-time account activation fee and a flat monthly subscription fee for restaurants to be on our platform. No matter how many orders you get through our platform your fees will never increase.
    Our platform allows restaurants to do their own deliveries, or request a "Chowster" (one of our nearby drivers). Our drivers are all self-employed and charge a fee per delivery. Drivers also get whatever tip the customer leaves. No matter how many deliveries our drivers do for you, your platform fees will never go up.

  • How much do you charge?

    We charge a one-time account activation fee of $300 (per restaurant or ghost kitchen) in order to get on our platform.
    Our platform also has a monthly fee of $200 + tax. This fee might change in the future. Whatever our monthly fee is at the time when you sign up, will be what you pay going forward. In other words, restaurants get "grandfathered in".
    If you help us promote Chow Local to your customers, in any of the ways listed below you can save up to $105 per month:● Place an 8"x8" Chow Local™ sticker (provided) on your restaurant's front door (Save $15/month)● Offer Chow Local™ users $5 OFF their first order (Save $30/month)● Place a 2"x4" Chow Local™ sticker (provided) on every order you get through our platform, as well as orders received through all other sales channels (Save $30/month)● Regularly (2-4 times per month) mention Chow Local on Facebook. Your posts/stories ultimately must invite your followers to order online, and mention Chow Local (Save $30/month)
    As stated before, we charge ZERO commission and there is no limit to the number of orders you can receive through our platform or the number of delivery requests you can submit.
    If you want us to deliver your orders, our drivers charge $5.95 per delivery (up to 8km) and $0.50 per km (beyond 8km). The driver also gets any tip left by the customer. If you require the driver to take your handheld payment terminal (and return it after the delivery is done) you will be charged a surcharge of $3.50. 100% of the delivery fee and the tip is paid to the driver. We don't take a cut.
    In addition to this, we charge $50, if you would like us to do the data entry required to add your menu. This includes an unlimited number of revisions. If you would like to add your own menu you certainly can. This tutorial video shows how easy it is to add/update your menu. To give you an idea, the process to add a menu with around 100 items can take about 2-3 hours.
    This answer was last updated on Feb 22, 2022 - For our most up to date fees go to:

  • How many orders will I get?

    Good question. Chow Local™ isn't a marketing company that gets rewarded with a commission. The onus is on each restaurant on our platform to invite their customers to use Chow Local, instead of the other big apps that charge high commissions.

    Some restaurants on our platform get hundreds of orders every month, while others get just a handful every week. The number of orders you can expect really depends on a few factors:
    ● How popular is your restaurant?
    ● Is your restaurant exclusively on Chow Local, or on all the big delivery apps as well?
    ● If you are exclusively on Chow Local, is there any other "locations" that someone can order the same food from on the big apps? For example, if you run a Burger King™, are there other Burger Kings that are still available on SKIP?
    ● If your restaurant is on any of the big delivery apps (which is fine) do you promote these apps in any way that would drive your customers to order from the big apps instead of Chow Local?
    ● Are your prices competitive on Chow Local or can your customer get a better deal if they call you directly or through your website?
    ● Do you actively invite customers to order direct (over the phone or ordering through your own website) instead of Chow Local?
    ● Do you promote Chow Local at all? If so, how much?

    If every restaurant in Regina helps promote Chow Local, our local userbase will continue to grow, until it eventually reaches critical mass. Once we reach critical mass restaurants should get as many orders as any big app with critical mass, without having to pay commissions.

    This idea of restaurants all pitching in to promote Chow Local is critical for success.

  • How much will my restaurant save on Chow Local vs. big delivery apps?

    It really depends on how many orders you get through Chow Local vs. other delivery platforms that charge high commissions. If you currently get many orders through platforms like SKIPtheDishes, ask yourself if you can do anything to get customers to order through Chow Local instead.

    It also depends on the commission rate the other delivery apps charge your restaurant.

    This quick video shows how much a restaurant can expect to save in a month where they received (in this case) 128 orders through our platform, compared to a platform that charges 30% commission.

    The more customers/orders you manage to divert away from high commission delivery apps, towards Chow Local, the more your restaurant will ultimately save each month. The monthly subscription fee we charge your restaurant stays the same, regardless of how many orders you get through our platform.

    Once your restaurant is on our platform we will provide you with strategies and resources to help you divert your customers away from the big delivery apps.

    This answer was last updated on Feb 22, 2022 - For our most up to date fees go to:

  • Do you do delivery?

    Yes. In each city where we operate we have a fleet of reliable delivery drivers. You are welcome to request a driver on an order-by-order basis if needed.
    Our drivers charge $5.00 per delivery. The driver also gets any tip left by the customer. 100% of the delivery fee and the tip is paid to the driver. We don't take a cut.
    This answer was last updated on Feb 22, 2022

  • What happens if a driver messes up?

    Chowsters (our drivers) are all self-employed and earn 100% of the delivery fee restaurants pay. This means as a platform we can not cover the cost of their mistakes. Our drivers are aware of this and have all agreed to take full responsibility for the orders they deliver. If something goes wrong with an order our driver will cover the cost, or face a mandatory 2-week suspension.
    This answer was last updated on Feb 22, 2022

  • Can I do my own delivery?

    Yes. You are welcome to use your own "in-house" delivery drivers. If you ever need an extra hand, you can always request our drivers as needed, on an order-by-order basis.

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    Yes. Click here to request a free trial

  • Do you give restaurants a free tablet?

    No, sorry. You are responsible for purchasing or providing your own Android/iOS mobile device.

    Restaurants require a tablet or mobile device to run our "Manager App" which is used to process orders and request delivery. You can use any Android or iOS tablet/device. If you run multiple “Ghost Kitchens” from the same kitchen, you only need one tablet.

    Our manager app allows restaurants to print orders on a Bluetooth thermal printer.
    This video shows the printer we recommend, and how to connect it.

  • How do I sign up?

    To sign up go to Start by filling out your restaurant's address.

Chow Local Vs. Big Delivery Apps

The video below shows the actual sales a restaurant got on Chow Local in February 2022.

10 Easy Ways To Get More Orders Through Chow Local than any big delivery app.

The video below shows 10 ways practical and easy ways restaurant owners on Chow Local can divert their loyal customers from ordering through high-commission delivery apps in order to get the most out of Chow Local or their own website.

Give Us A Go!

Let our fleet of delivery drivers take care of your restaurant's deliveries for the next two months. We'll waive our account activation fee and monthly subscription fee for 60-days to let you try our platform out. You just have to pay our delivery drivers' delivery fee. 100% of the delivery fee goes to our drivers who are all self-employed. We don't take a cut.

Skip The Commissions

When it comes to ordering takeout or delivery, people prefer ordering through apps like SKIPtheDishes™ and UberEats™ because they offer a user experience that is ultimately more convenient than having to deal with separate restaurant websites or even placing an order over the phone.

Having hundreds of restaurants all in one app that already has your delivery address and credit card on file is as convenient as it gets.
Most users don't realize these apps charge restaurants as much as 30% in commissions. People have no idea that most restaurants don't make money on SKIP and UberEats orders. And who can blame them?
Many restaurants actually tell their customers to order through these apps. If they don't explicitly invite them to do it, they do it indirectly or unknowingly. For example, one of the most effective ways these big delivery apps get restaurants to send their loyal customers to their platforms is by placing their sticker on the restaurant's front door.
Local restaurants "know their customers". They know how to reach them and are usually good at marketing themselves. So the idea of restaurants driving their loyal customers to these big apps, to forgo up to 30% does not make sense. It should be the other way around. The big app should drive new customers to the restaurant, and get 30% as a reward for their marketing efforts. But this is sadly not the case.
One of the main reasons restaurants promote high-commission delivery apps is because they solve the restaurant's delivery problems.
Unless you have ever run a busy restaurant that offers delivery with in-house drivers, you will most likely have no idea how stressful it can get. Having one or two in-house delivery drivers just isn't enough for some busy restaurants than get lots of orders during peak hours. On the other hand, small restaurants that don't typically do a lot of delivery business simply can not afford to hire an in-house delivery person. Whether a restaurant gets one order or twenty orders in an hour, SKIP or UberEats' fleet has them covered.
If only there was a similar delivery app with a large fleet of reliable delivery drivers, that doesn't charge crazy commissions. Now there is. Say hello to Chow Local!
Since we launched in Regina late last year we have saved restaurants thousands of dollars each month, by not charging any commissions. Instead, we charge a one-time account activation fee ($300), and a flat monthly fee ($95-$200).
Our drivers have completed thousands of deliveries for restaurants that get orders through our app, as well as directly through their websites or over the phone.
We even do deliveries for restaurants that have in-house drivers, but occasionally need help during peak times.
Most of the restaurants on our platform are still on SKIP and UberEats, however, when it comes to promoting a delivery app, they now send their customers to Chow Local instead.
We not only believe in treating restaurants ethically, but we also believe our drivers should be treated as fairly as possible. This is why we give 100% of the delivery fee ($5.95) and tip to our drivers. We don't take a cut. Doing this ensures that our drivers are happy and take responsibility for their work.
Since we don't take a cut, our drivers have all agreed to cover the cost of any mistakes they make. Mistakes happen, however, due to the way our platform puts the responsibility on the driver, we rarely have any issues.
We're expanding rapidly and are looking for restaurant partners all over Canada. Sign up for a free trial today, and we'll connect you with hard-working, reliable, and responsible delivery drivers no matter where your restaurant is located.

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