Rules & Regulations For Self-employed Chow Local Delivery Drivers

Last updated on: Feb 18, 2020
Please make sure to always show up at the restaurant on time. If a restaurant gives you 20+ minutes to show up, there is no reason to be late. If you feel you might be a few minutes late, please call the restaurant to let them know, in order to avoid complaints.
We ask that you never leave a food order on the customer's doorstep or anywhere else unless the customer requests it in the order notes. It is our policy that the driver always hand the order to the customer or allows the customer to grab the order from the delivery bag. Food often gets cold or taken by the wrong person, and from our perspective, there are just too many issues with this method. In addition to this, please ensure you hand the order to the person who placed the order. If you deliver the order to the wrong address or someone who ultimately did not order food (for whatever reason), you are responsible for the cost to remedy the situation.
Our drivers receive 100% of the delivery fee and 100% of the tips earned on each delivery. Since we don't take a cut, nor do we make any commissions when a restaurant gets an order, it means that Chow Local cannot afford to pay for delivery errors as explained above. So, keep in mind, if something goes wrong that requires the restaurant to make the order again, such as dropping the food off at the incorrect address (as an example), it will be your responsibility to cover the cost. *If you believe that the situation was outside of your control, you are welcome to discuss the error with the restaurant, to see if they are willing to cover the cost. However, these sorts of issues are between you and the restaurant and are not Chow Local's responsibility, as we have no monetary involvement in the deliveries.
You must have an unbranded, insulated delivery bag and it must be brought into the restaurant, not left in the car when picking up orders. The reason for this is that we have received complaints from restaurants doubting that there is a delivery bag being used, and the food can become cold going from the restaurant to the car if not loaded into the bag right in the restaurant. It is to be used for hot food only, and the bag must be closed before leaving the restaurant. Please do not use a SKIP bag. Many of our customers do not support SKIP the Dishes and could complain if you show up with one of their bags. At the very least, it causes confusion when you deliver an order with a bag that promotes a different delivery service. If you don't have an unbranded delivery bag, please get one as soon as possible. We are willing to offer you a grace period of 1 month to get an approved bag.
If you see multiple delivery requests from the same restaurant, we ask that you always take the request with the least number of minutes left. If you see a delivery request with less than 5 minutes left on the clock, please grab that request first, and you can be assured that we will not fault you if you are a bit late on these close ones. In general, if you see a delivery request with five minutes or less remaining on the clock, we ask our drivers to please grab these pending deliveries before picking any other requests to make sure that restaurants do not end up waiting too long for a driver.
We are striving to make sure that restaurants always give the drivers at least 20 minutes at the very minimum.
Once you pick up a delivery request from the restaurant, please get it to the customer as soon as possible. Do not deviate from the route or do any other deliveries on the way.
If the restaurant or customer complains about any of our drivers, we have a duty to investigate. We may choose to suspend a driver for up to two weeks if we feel it is warranted.
As a Chow Localâ„¢ delivery driver in Regina, you are self-employed. As such, you are responsible for paying your taxes, making sure you have sufficient insurance in case you get into an accident, etc, obeying the rules of the road and never exceeding the speed limit. If you get a traffic ticket, you are responsible for covering the cost of the fine.
If you have any issues with our app, the rules above, or generally need assistance; please let us know. You can always call Jaco (306) 501-4513 or Tim (306) 526-3812