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Please fill out the form below to get your restaurant on Chow Local. If you have multiple restaurants, you need to fill the form out separately for each restaurant.
By filling in this form you agree to pay the following fees:● One-time account activation fee $350 $200 (E-mail transfer ten.letksas%40yl.teik)● $1 for the first month● $105.45/month after the first month
We will send you a link once your account is set up, to allow you to pay your monthly fee.
You will notice below, we require certain banking details. This info is needed to create a account on your behalf. Stripe® lets your restaurant process credit card payments when customers order through Chow Local. The banking details we require can easily be found at the bottom of your cheques.


All fields are required. If you have any questions or concerns call or text Kiet Ly at: 306-596-8801

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