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Chow Local™

Chow Local™ is a restaurant delivery app and service that started in Regina, Canada. We currently operate in various cities and towns including Cape Town (South Africa), Peace River (Canada), Grande Prairie (Canada).

What sets us appart?

Popular delivery apps like UberEats and SKIPtheDishes charge some restaurants as much as 30% every time someone orders food, causing many restaurateurs to operate at a loss. Unlike other food delivery apps, we don't charge restaurants any commissions. Instead, we charge a low monthly fee, which allows restaurant owners to thrive.
When it comes to delivery, we allow restaurants to do their own delivery or request a Chowster (our delivery drivers) on an order-by-order basis, as needed.
The word "local" in our name refers to the fact that we rely on local partners (franchisees) to launch and operate Chow Local™ in various cities. In each city, Chow Local™ is operated by a trusted partner with strong relationships in their community and a genuine desire to improve their local economy.

A turn-key delivery business

Our turn-key platform and strategy will allow you to launch and operate Chow Local™ within days, anywhere in the world. If you have ever dreamed of starting a successful restaurant delivery business in your local community, you will love our platform and approach.
As a Chow Local™ partner, you are much more than a sales rep. You own the exclusive right to operate Chow Local™ in your community.
Our partners are responsible for recruiting local restaurants, promoting the platform to consumers, and overseeing a fleet of delivery drivers.
Partners set their own rates and earn 100% of the revenue generated through the platform within their territory.

What's the catch?

You might be thinking that this sounds too good to be true. What's in it for us. Here's the catch: we charge our partners a Territory License Fees, as low as $500/month, depending on the population of the territory.
If you are looking for a low-touch, lucrative franchise opportunity or you are thinking about developing your own food delivery app, look no further. Get in touch with us today!

A totallly different type of franchise

Operating a Software as a Service (SaaS) franchise offers incredible flexibility and low overhead. You don't need to lease retail or office space. You get to work from home, or wherever you like.
You don't need to worry about software development and maintenance. You get a turn-key platform that is easy to use and backed up by a very experienced software development company with a friendly support team.

Say hello to passive income

A SaaS business like Chow Local™ will allow you to generate passive revenue. Every restaurant you recruit in your territory pays a recurring monthly fee to be on the platform. As long as restaurants continue to receive orders, you can count on a steady recurring income stream.


Your primary challenge will be to get local restaurants onboard. With so many other, better-known food delivery platforms available, you will need to communicate the benefits of Chow Local™. Having strong existing relationships with restaurant owners in your community will be a major asset. Your secondary challenge will be recruiting reliable delivery drivers.
Our platform and proven approach to recruiting restaurants and drivers will help you overcome these challenges. We will show you how we got 40 restaurants on board in the first two months of launching Chow Local™ in a small city. We'll also show you how to recruit enough drivers to handle the demand for delivery as your roster grows and restaurants continue to get more orders every week.

Training, resources and support

Once you decide to embark on this exciting adventure, you'll find we've got your back! We will provide you with training, recruitment strategies, professional marketing materials, and more.

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