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What the heck is Chow Local?Chow Local™ is a commission-free restaurant delivery app, exclusively for locally-owned & independent restaurants. Unlike other food delivery apps, Chow Local™ does not charge restaurants crazy commissions. Furthermore, Chow Local™ relies on partners to operate in various cities.

Run Chow Local™ in your community.Do you think consumers and restaurant owners in your area could benefit from Chow Local?
Are you confident you can "sell" this exciting concept where you live right now?
Own & operate a territoryAs a Chow Local™ partner, you are much more than a representative. You have skin in the game. You own the exclusive right to operate Chow Local™ in your territory.
Territory feesIn order to secure a territory, you will be required to pay a monthly territory license fee. Think of our territory fee as a franchise fee. Territory fees start at $500/month based on your territory's population's size.
Partner responsibilitiesChow Local™ Partners are responsible for running the app and delivery service on a day-to-day basis. Promote Chow Local™ within your territoryGet local restaurants onboard
What's in it for you?As a Chow Local™ Partner, you earn 100% of the fees we charge restaurants located, within your territory. You can expect to earn $100-$200+ per restaurant, PER MONTH.
Why partner with Chow Local?Chow Local offers a turn-key, lucrative business model.
You don't need to develop and maintain your own restaurant delivery app. We've got an in-house team of programmers constantly improving our app, saving you thousands of dollars every year.
We offer strong brand identity and professional marketing resources, designed to help be more successful.
Chow Local Partners can rely on each other for peer support. Learn from other partners, what works!
Get in on the ground levelApply to be a Chow Local Partner and get in on the ground level of an exciting new startup food delivery app, developed and backed by a talented software development team based in Canada (

My name is Jaco van Heerden. I own and operate, the company that created Chow Local™
Click here for more info about Chow Local™ and feel free to get in touch if you are interested in this opportunity.

Current Territories

Chow Local Partners have already secured these territories. Don't miss out!


Regina, Canada


Peace River, Canada


Cape Town, South-Africa