No Stinkin' Commissions!

Chow Local™ is restaurant delivery app and online ordering system. Unlike other food delivery apps, we don't charge restaurants any commissions. Instead, we charge a one-time account activation fee and a low monthly fee that allows restaurateurs to keep their profits in their own pockets.

On-demand Reliable Delivery

No matter how you get orders for delivery, our fleet of reliable drivers will get the job done.
Whether you get orders through our app, over the phone, through your website, or any other sales channel, request a Chow Local® delivery driver when needed.


System Features

Unlimited Menu Items

Adding your menu is easy! Add an unlimited number of menu items, each with multiple options, add-ons, and more.

Add-on Templates

Set up templates for add-ons such as pizza toppings, sauces, drinks, etc. to help save time when adding your menu.

Accept Online or In-person Payment

Choose to accept online payment during the checkout process, or let your customers pay in-store, or at their door when their order gets delivered.

Manage Orders

Our system offers a hassle-free order manager. Sign in to your Chow Local account or download or free order management app. Either way, you'll never miss an online order.


Set your own delivery rates

Decide how much you want to charge for delivery. Our system lets you set a flat fee and/or mileage fee. You can even offer free delivery when customers spend a certain amount.

Request Delivery

Don't want to do your own deliveries? Maybe you just need help with some deliveries during busy times. Our "Manager App" lets you request delivery.

Define Your Delivery Area

Draw areas on a map, or set a delivery radius around your location to define your delivery zone. This way our app will only offer delivery to customers that are located within your delivery zone.

Set Hours Of Operation

Set your restaurant's hours of operation to make sure customers only place orders while you are open for business.

Promo Codes

Chow Local® makes it easy to set up promo codes, which customers can enter to receive a discount on all orders, or the first order they place with your restaurant.

Chat With Customers

Our instant messaging system makes it easy for customers to get in touch, and ask questions. Our order management app or web-based backend lets you reply and chat with customers in real-time.