Restaurant Partner Program

Partner with us to help establish Chow Localâ„¢

As a Restaurant Partner, you get a reduced monthly rate in exchange for ongoing assistance in our efforts to establish Chow Local as an alternative online ordering app. As a Restaurant Partner you must agree to do the following:

Display Chow Local's logo sticker on your establishment's front door. We will provide and install a waterproof sticker, free of charge.


Offer new customers $5.00 OFF their first order. This benefits us by enticing a customer to try our app, and it benefits your establishment since most app users place multiple orders over time.


Place a Chow Local sticker on all takeout/delivery orders received over the phone. Stickers invite existing customers to try ordering through Chow Local in the future. We will provide stickers, free of charge.
Regularly (2-4 times per month) mention Chow Local on Facebook. Your posts/stories ultimately must invite your followers to order online, and mention Chow Local.
If possible, display an "Order Online" button on your establishment's website. The button should link to your establishment's Chow Local "web menu". (Click here to see a web-menu example). Any assistance with website changes/programming will be provided free of charge.