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Chow Local™ is a Canadian startup that recently launched a food delivery app, with a twist. Our app is exclusively for independent and locally-owned restaurants. Unlike other popular food delivery apps, we don't charge restaurants crazy commissions. Instead, we charge each restaurant a small setup fee and a flat monthly fee, which ends up saving them hundreds of dollars per month.
We're looking for a highly motivated, friendly outside salesperson in Winnipeg. Your job will be to introduce our app and online ordering system to local restaurants. You will be rewarded on an ongoing basis, for every restaurant you get on board.
If you are interested in this job or have any questions, please use the form below to contact us.

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Chow Local™ is a commission-free food delivery app, with a twist. Locally-owned & independent restaurants, only!

iPhone App

Download our free iPhone app today to order takeout from your favorite local food joints.
Unlike other food delivery apps, Chow Local™ does not charge restaurants crazy commissions.
What are you waiting for? Get the app. Order some chow. And, feel good knowing you're doing your part to help keep profits in the pockets of local restauranteurs.

  • How It Works

    When you open the app for the first time, you'll see a field asking you to enter your phone number. You can skip this step; however, we recommend that you enter your number.
    Once you have entered your phone number Chow Local® will send you a text message with a verification code. Enter the verification code to proceed. Upon entering the verification code, Chow Local® will create a user account for you. You will stay signed in until you choose to sign out or decide to delete the app.
    Having an account will allow the app to remember your delivery address, store your past orders, and save your credit card after your order for the first time.
    If you have entered a phone number tied to an existing user account, you will be required to enter a password to sign in.
    Once signed in for the first time, the app will ask you to enter your delivery address before you can do anything else. This step is required so that Chow Local® can show you locally-owned restaurants in your area, no matter where you are.
    The app will save your delivery address, so you don't have to do this step every time you want to order takeout. You can add up to 5 delivery addresses if needed. Adding or deleting delivery addresses as needed is easy!
    Now that you have provided a delivery address, you will see a list of locally-owned restaurants. You can browse restaurants based on the type of cuisine they offer.
    Each restaurant listing indicates how much the restaurant charges for delivery and whether or not they offer free pickup.
    Restaurants that are currently open and accepting takeout orders will appear at the top of the list.
    Tap on each restaurant to view their menu items. Then, tap on each menu item to view item details. Some menu items may offer options such as portion sizes and add-ons such as toppings or sauces, which will affect their price. Select an option and choose add-ons as needed.
    You will find each menu item offers a link to include special instructions if needed. This feature allows you to let the restaurant know how to prepare the menu item to meet your dietary needs.
    Once you are ready to add a menu item to your cart, tap the red button provided.
    When an item gets added to your order, you get the option to check out, go back to the menu item to order it again, or view the restaurant's entire menu.
    The first time you check out, the app will ask you to enter your personal information, including first name, last name, e-mail address, and password. Once you fill these fields out, your user profile will be complete. Next time you order, you will not need to provide your personal information again.
    Once you have entered your personal information, the app will ask you to enter your credit card information. Chow Local® uses to store and process credit cards securely. Stripe® will protect your credit card details and prevent anyone (including Chow Local®) from seeing your credit card number. In addition, your credit card will only get charged if you choose to complete the checkout process.
    Chow Local® allows you to store multiple credit cards. Adding or removing credit cards is easy. You can permanently remove all credit cards from your account if needed.
    Once you have paid for your order, you will see a success message that indicates your order is received. In addition to this, you will receive an e-mail confirming your order details. The order confirmation e-mail will list the menu items you ordered, options and add-ons selected, as well as any notes or special instructions you provided.
    The restaurant will get notified and will start preparing your order. You will be notified by the restaurant when your order is ready for pick up or when the delivery person is about to arrive at your delivery address.
    Chow Local® makes it easy to chat to the restaurants. To get in touch, tap on the restaurant's listing, then tap on the "Contact Us" button at the top of the restaurant's menu.
    The Chow Local® mobile app allows you to manage your account details, delivery addresses, credit cards, and view past orders. In addition to this, you can sign in at to access your account using any internet browser.


Online Ordering System For Restaurants

Looking for a reliable online ordering system for your locally-owned restaurant? Maybe you're looking to ditch UberEats, DoorDash, or any other food ordering app that charges high commissions.