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Commission-free Online Ordering For Restaurants

Chow Local is a commission-free online ordering & delivery platform for restaurants. Instead of commissions, we charge a low monthly fee, which allows restaurant owners to save thousands of dollars every month.


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Change Starts With You!

It might seem like restaurants are happy being on the big delivery apps. Otherwise, why don't they just get off them?
The reality is that most restaurants are not thrilled about paying as much as 30% in commissions. They reluctantly stay on the big delivery apps because that's where their customers keep ordering from.
Change starts with you. Next time, instead of ordering through the big delivery apps, order through our app or website and put a huge smile on your favorite restaurant operator's face!
Can't find your favorite place on our platform? Invite them or apply to join our referral program to get paid to help us recruit more restaurants in your community.