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BVAH Burgers

Baja Chicken Burger

Staff favorite and Gluten Friendly without bun. Grilled chipotle chicken breast, pico de gallo, shredded lettuce, guacamole sauce, cucumber, tomato and garlic parmesan sauce.


BBQ Bacon Weave Burger

Around here we weave our bacon! An eight-ounce patty topped with vodka BBQ sauce, smoked cheddar, and bacon weave.


Best F$@king Chicken Burger Ever

Grilled chicken breast, basted in our avocado cilantro sauce, served on a grilled bun with lettuce, tomato, fresh cilantro, bacon, smoked cheddar & hickory sticks.


Buffalo Ranch Chicken Burger

Staff Favorite. Hand battered crispy chicken breast smothered in buffalo ranch sauce, topped with mozzarella and bacon weave.


Extreme Onion Burger

8oz patty topped with cheddar cheese and a mountain of crispy fried onions, drizzled with whisky BBQ ranch sauce.


Great Neptune’s Beard

Staff Favorite. Two 8oz sirloin patties, smoked cheddar, mozzarella, bacon weave, sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, vodka BBQ sauce and v-chips.


Jacubowski Burger

8oz patty topped with seared smoked pork belly, crispy potato pancake, cheddar cheese and a fried egg.


Kamikaze Burger

Cajun & ghost chili seasoned 8oz patty, topped with jalapenos, banana peppers, mozzarella and our signature “Hotter than Hell” sauce.


Long Smoke Burger

Our signature 8oz patty topped with a very healthy portion of our slow smoked brisket, caramelized onions and melted cheddar cheese.


OG Teriyaki Burger

Back by popular demand! Grilled teriyaki chicken breast, topped with aged cheddar, bacon, grilled pineapple and crunchy onion mayo.


Old Faithful

8oz sirloin patty with cheddar cheese.


Shake & Bake Burger

Inspired by our Birmingham’s Racing Team, this treat starts with our delicious 8oz patty, topped with vodka bbq sauce, cheddar cheese, and our famous fried mac + cheese ball. Squish it before you squash it!


Skirt Burger

Our patty, topped with a mound of shredded cheese. We then steam the burger forming a crispy outer cheese skirt and add a bacon weave.


Vegelicious Burger

Only the best mushroom based patty, topped with smoked cheddar, sliced cucumber, tomato, red onion, and mushrooms.



Avocado BLT Croissant

Our famous crisp bacon weaves, lettuce, tomato, and ripe avocado on a toasted croissant with tangy mayo.


BBQ Chicken Wrap

Jalapeno cheese tortilla, filled with grilled BBQ chicken, lettuce, tomato, mixed cheese, roasted red peppers, onions, and ranch sauce.


Brisket 2.0 Sandwich

Slow smoked BBQ brisket, piled high on grilled focaccia bread, topped with tangy coleslaw, pickled jalapenos, BBQ ranch sauce and a boatload of crispy onions.


Chicken Caprese Focaccia

Warm focaccia bread stuffed with grilled chicken, basil pesto, sliced tomato, creamy mozzarella and crisp bacon.


Crispy Chicken Caesar Wrap

Romaine lettuce, crispy chicken, bacon, parmesan cheese, and red onion tossed in a creamy Caesar dressing, served in a jalapeno cheese tortilla.


Killer Beef Dip

Layers of thinly sliced AAA smoked roast beef, served on a garlic focaccia bun with Au Jus.


Pastrami Dagwood

A triple decker of smoked turkey, pastrami, mozzarella, sauerkraut, lettuce, tomato, and tangy sauce, served on rye bread


Smoked Turkey Croissant

House smoked turkey, piled high on a buttery croissant, with lettuce, tomato, smoked cheddar cheese and roasted red peppers. (FYI: The ingredients on this sandwich are not heated. This is a cold style of sandwich)


Southwest Cauliflower Wrap

Grilled flour tortilla with guacamole, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, corn, mixed cheese, seasoned sautéed cauliflower and southwest sauce.


Vegiterranean Chicken Wrap

Crisp romaine lettuce tossed with peppers, red onion, tomato, kalamata olive, crumbled feta, vegan chicken, and a light mediterranean sauce. Served in a grilled jalapeno cheese tortilla.


Soup and Salad

Birmingham's Signature Dill Pickle Vodka Soup

A must try! Our famous Birmingham’s Dill Pickle Vodka infused into an amazing cream soup filled with potato, onion, and pickles.

$4.99 - $7.99

Caesar Salad

Fresh chopped romaine mixed with croutons, crisp bacon, parmesan cheese and our creamy Caesar dressing. Served with garlic parmesan bread.

$10.99 - $16.99

Daddy Mac Salad

Shredded lettuce, tomato, diced onions, chopped pickles, ground beef and mixed cheese tossed with our big hack sauce. Served with garlic parmesan bread.


Poke Salad

Fresh greens, avocado, cucumber, baby tomatoes, crispy wontons, marinated ahi tuna, nori, soy vinaigrette, topped with spicy aioli and garlic parmesan bread.


Smoked Turkey Salad

Gluten Free. Fresh greens topped with sliced egg, tomato, avocado, crispy bacon, and our amazing smoked turkey. Served with garlic parmesan bread.


Taco Salad

Gluten friendly. Fresh shredded iceberg lettuce topped with diced tomato, green onion, mixed peppers, black olive, avocado, mixed cheese, served with your choice of spicy beef or grilled, blackened or crispy chicken, topped with sour cream and house salsa.


Traditional Greek

Tomatoes, cucumbers, red and green peppers, red onions, Kalamata olives, crisp romaine lettuce, and feta cheese, tossed in house-made Greek dressing and served with garlic-Parmesan bread.

$10.99 - $17.99

Warm Asian Noodle Salad

Staff favorite. Pan-fried Asian noodles tossed in mild teriyaki sauce and topped with red and green peppers, shredded carrot, green onions, and crispy sweet chili chicken chunks, served with garlic-Parmesan bread.


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