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18. Donair (shawarma) chicken

$13.99 - $17.99

1. kabuli rice with Shami Kebab & Roasted Tomato.

kabull is no ordinary white rice. Seela riot is prepared with spices, carrots, and raisins. Most unusual but most pleasant.


2. kabuli rice with Lamb Stew

Special spices and homemade tomato sauce bring out the flavour of the lamb.


3. Qormeh Sabzi with Lamb Yakhni

Stew cooked with dried herbs and lamb. Served with saffron rice


4. Kabuli with Lamb

Lamb cooked to perfection. Covered in kabuli rice, topped with carrots and raisin.


5. Dopiazah Lamb

Slow cooked. this lamb is juicy, succulent and tender. Served with saffron rice


6. Khabuli with Chicken tikka & Shamie kabob

Can't decide Whether to have chicken or beef? Have them both!


7. Mento

Ground beef, Onions and spices are wrapped in a thin dough and steamed. Topped with dollops of homemade yogurt and a bit of vegetable sauce, this dish is very flavorful.


11. Qormeh Chicken

Served with saffron rice


12. Shamie Kebabs with saffron rice

Made with extra lean ground beef and grilled. Good healthy choice. Served with saffron rice and roasted tomato.

$11.99 - $17.99

13. Chicken Tikka and a Shamie Kebab

Chicken marinated with rich ingredients, grilled over open fire served with saffron rice and roasted tomato


14. Chicken Tikka Kebab with rice

BBQ marinated chicken. Served with saffron rice or salad


15. Zereshk Pelowe with chicken

Barberry Saffron Rice with oven-backed chicken. Served with saffron rice, zereshk(barberry) and vegetables or salad.


16. Mahee Pelowe with fish and salad

Pan fried fish served with rice and salad


17. Shrimp with Rice and Salad



$6.99 - $17.99

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